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What types of questions will be asked during a SAP inteview?

SAP Interview Questions

What is a star schema?

  • A fact table surrounded by dimension tables.
Explain namespace rules for SAP objects:

  • all SAP objects start with 0 and customers are A-Z
  • all tables begin with /BIO for SAP and /BIC for customers
  • all generated objects start with 1 – 8
  • prefix 9A is used in APO
Explain what an info object is.

  • It is a business object like customer and product. The info object is divided into characteristics and key figures. The key figures are measurable objects (sales quantity, etc). Characteristics may also include special objects such as unit and time.

What types of questions should I expect in an Oracle interview?

Oracle Job Interview Questions

There are many different types of job interview questions asked by Oracle job interviewers. A few of the common questions and answers relating to SQL follow.

  1. What is the command to see the current user name? show user;
  2. How do you change the SQL prompt name? Set sqlprompt “changed_name >”
  3. How do you display row numbers with records? Use the rownum pseudocolumn with the query: SQL> SQL> select rownum, ename from emp;
  4. What are the explicit cursor attributes? Cursor_name%FOUND, cursor_name%NOTFOUND, cursor_name%ROWCOUNT, cursor_name%ISOPEN
  5. What are the implicit cursor attributes? SQL%FOUND, SQL%NOTFOUND, SQL%ROWCOUNT, SQL%ISOPEN
  6. How to you view installed Oracle version information? Select banner from v$version;
  7. Which date function returns a number value? Months_between
  8. What are the PL/SQL exceptions? Too_many_rows, No_Data_Found, Value_Error, Zero_Error, Others
  9. How do you replace a null value in a query result with text? Set NULL ‘N/A' To reset the SQL prompt, use set NULL
  10. What is the minimum number of triggers that can be applied to a single table? 12

How well should I know the job description for the position I am applying for?

Oracle Interview Tips

An Oracle interview is a two-way street—it can be difficult on the interviewer and the interviewee. The interviewer is most interested in pinpointing what you want to do and whether what you want to do fits their needs. For a successful interview, you can make this task easier for the interviewer.

You should know the job description very well. If the job description is not spelled out explicitly in the ad, look at other ads with other companies for the position you are applying for. When you go into the interview, be prepared to tell the interviewer what your job will be (based on experience and other ads). This will show the interviewer that you know the job well enough to be a candidate. Once you jump this hurdle, be ready to answer questions regarding the certain module/program/project you are applying for. If you are a developer and a coder, point that out. Some employers will be looking for a coder who can handle requirements gathering through implementation.

What types of Oracle DBA questions will I be asked during an interview?

Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Explain a method for transferring a table from one schema to another.

    Export-import, CREATE TABLE… AS SELECT, COPY

  2. If there is a rollback segment in a version 7.2 database that expanded beyond optimal, how do you restore it to optimal?

    You should use the ALTER TABLESAPCE… SHRINK command.

  3. What happens when you leave the DEFAULT and TEMPORARY tablespace clauses out of a CREATE USER command?

    The user will be assigned the SYSTEM tablespace as a default and temporary tablespace. This is not good, as it causes user objects and temporary segments to be placed in the SYSTEM tablespace. This results in fragmentation and improper table placement.

  4. What Oracle provided packages should DBAs be aware of?


  5. What happens if a tablespace clause is left off of a primary key constraint clause?

    The index that is automatically generated will be placed in the users default tablespace. This is usually the same tablespace that the table is being created in and will cause serous performance issues.

How do I prepare for a SAP job opportunity interview?

SAP Job Opportunities: Interviewing Tips

When interviewing for an SAP job opportunity, arrive at the interview well prepared to sell yourself, as the market is very competitive. The interviewer will be looking for a person who is confident in her position and has extensive knowledge about the particular SAP job opportunity she is applying for.

An SAP job interviewer may ask several questions regarding the particular SAP job opportunity he is hiring for. You should know your area of expertise and should be prepared to answer questions regarding your skills. You should also be prepared to be able to communicate technical and functional information effectively. Most SAP jobs will require excellent communication among team members and clients, and if you cannot communicate during an interview, you will most likely not be hired.

What type of questions should I expect during a SAP interview?

Interview Questions for SAP

Interview questions for SAP can range from programming questions to communication-type questions depending on the SAP position you are applying for. Various questions may include questions for the following:

  • SAP DB
  • SAP Tables
  • SAP Modules
  • SAP Reports
  • SAP Admin
  • SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution
No matter which position you are applying for, you should be able to answer technical and functional questions about the particular SAP module if your job requires you to know those aspects of the project.

Some sample questions may be:

  • Explain the difference between consumption based planning and MRP planning.
  • Explain the difference between occurs 0 and occurs 1.
  • Talk about common transport errors.
  • Tell me aboutt code: what types, how many?
  • Explain the difference between internal table and structure.
There are many different questions. The above questions are examples for working with tables. If you know your job well, you should be able to easily answer these types of questions.

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