Interview Questions for SAP

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What type of questions should I expect during a SAP interview?

Interview Questions for SAP

Interview questions for SAP can range from programming questions to communication-type questions depending on the SAP position you are applying for. Various questions may include questions for the following:

  • SAP DB
  • SAP Tables
  • SAP Modules
  • SAP Reports
  • SAP Admin
  • SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution
No matter which position you are applying for, you should be able to answer technical and functional questions about the particular SAP module if your job requires you to know those aspects of the project.

Some sample questions may be:

  • Explain the difference between consumption based planning and MRP planning.
  • Explain the difference between occurs 0 and occurs 1.
  • Talk about common transport errors.
  • Tell me aboutt code: what types, how many?
  • Explain the difference between internal table and structure.
There are many different questions. The above questions are examples for working with tables. If you know your job well, you should be able to easily answer these types of questions.



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