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Does a SAP entry level job leave room for advancement?

SAP Entry Level Jobs

If you're new to consulting, you may consider SAP entry level jobs. Most companies will hire people who want to move up in the company. SAP entry level personnel are assigned to work on SAP projects for interface operational support, documentation of business requirements, gathering information for business justification, completion of various SAP service delivery process steps, tracking system enhancement requests, testing support and coordination and participating in analyzing data sources for internal reporting initiatives.

SAP entry level job personnel also develop and input material data and purchasing information into the SAP master file, have daily business communications with departments to ensure accurate data in the master file, and input and maintain accurate, up-to-date information within the SAP master data file. He may also work with spreadsheets or other software that contain materials management master data.

A person applying for an SAP entry level job must be a team player and must be willing to take instruction and learn new tasks, as this is pertinent to ERP career advancement.

Why do I need a security clearance to work for B2B Workforce?

PeopleSoft Administrator Jobs

When applying for a PeopleSoft administrator job, if hired, you will provide design and programming services, perform QA testing, schedule processes, and be familiar with PeopleCode, HTML and Visual Basic. Often these positions require at least two to four years of system administration experience with PeopleSoft modules.

Additional duties for a PeopleSoft administrator job include implementing, maintaining, enhancing and supporting PeopleSoft server and application. The administrator may consult with developers, administer the PeopleSoft environment and monitor system performance. The PeopleSoft administrator will retain functional skills in all of the PeopleSoft modules, including financials, HR, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, CRM and EPM.

The appropriate applicant should also have experience with diverse technology backgrounds, including IBM, Sun, HP, Oracle, NT, SQL, SVR, MS Access, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, JAVA and J2EE.

Some PeopleSoft administrator jobs require clearance, so be sure to ask your recruiter how you can obtain that.

What kind of experience do I need to apply for an Oracle technical job?

Oracle Technical Jobs

Oracle technical jobs consist of technical implementation consultants and Oracle programmers. Our consultants' and programmers' skills include requirements gathering, GAP analysis, spec writing, coding, testing, post Go-Live support and report writing.

Additionally, people in our Oracle technical jobs retain the functional skills in all Oracle modules, including financials, HRMS, manufacturing and CRM. Technical skills are required to work with interfaces, extensions, forms and development work within individual modules.

A person considered for an Oracle technical job will also have experience and proficiency in Oracle 8I, 9I, Developer and Designer 2000, PL/SQL and SQL Server on Unix and NT platforms.

He will also have diverse technology backgrounds, and should have experience with IBM, PeopleSoft (DBA), DataWarehouse, Informatica ETL, Vitria, SeeBeyond, Sun, HP, Oracle, NT, SQL, SVR, MS Access, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, JAVA and J2EE in order to be able to be proficient at his Oracle technical job.

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