Oracle Interview Tips

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How well should I know the job description for the position I am applying for?

Oracle Interview Tips

An Oracle interview is a two-way street—it can be difficult on the interviewer and the interviewee. The interviewer is most interested in pinpointing what you want to do and whether what you want to do fits their needs. For a successful interview, you can make this task easier for the interviewer.

You should know the job description very well. If the job description is not spelled out explicitly in the ad, look at other ads with other companies for the position you are applying for. When you go into the interview, be prepared to tell the interviewer what your job will be (based on experience and other ads). This will show the interviewer that you know the job well enough to be a candidate. Once you jump this hurdle, be ready to answer questions regarding the certain module/program/project you are applying for. If you are a developer and a coder, point that out. Some employers will be looking for a coder who can handle requirements gathering through implementation.



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