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Do I need internet skills and coding skills as a developer?

Oracle Developer Career

In order to start or further an Oracle developer career, you must be a coder and an administrator. You do not need extensive experience in administration, but you should have more than the basics to start. You will be planning and designing a database with a structure that meets the client's needs—current and future—for data storing and reporting. You will need to know how to code, as developmental languages are used to develop the database applications. You will need to have a firm understanding of SQL and/or PL/SQL and will need to know how to use Form Builder and Report Builder.

Because many applications use the Internet, you should also be equipped with Internet skills, especially in e-commerce and marketing arenas. A developer requires logical thinking and attention to detail, and these things can show in how you present yourself in an interview. Outline your resume so that you can show all of these skills in addition to coding and testing skills.

How can I get started in an Oracle DBA career when everyone requires experience?

Oracle DBA Career

Starting an Oracle DBA career can be difficult—almost every ad you read requires three to five years of experience. You can't get experience if you don't have it—your typical catch 22. The best way to get your Oracle DBA career started is to contact a recruiter for Oracle DBA. Many large companies look for consultants that would like to enter into the Oracle DBA field.

If you have extensive experience in a field such as marketing or finance and have some IT experience, you may be just what we are looking for. Contact a recruitment team for entry level Oracle DBA careers to get your Oracle career jumpstarted. Once you have been set up for an interview, polish your resume, making sure it highlights jobs where you had qualities such as leadership and excellent communication in your field of choice (e.g. marketing, finance).

Should I use a recruiter to start a PeopleSoft career?

PeopleSoft Career

When applying for a PeopleSoft career, consider working with a recruiter. While many jobs are posted in the Help Wanted ads, they may not fit your needs. A recruiter will find a project that matches your skills. With projects that match your skills, you can be sure of impressing your clients.

A PeopleSoft recruiter can also weed out jobs for you, saving you time and money, especially if you are currently working on a project. The recruiter will only call you if there is a job that is a match to your skill set. The recruiter also knows what your skills are and can help market you to the client. All you need to do when you get to the interview is show off those skills and make a good impression on the client. Making a good impression includes showing off communication skills in addition to PeopleSoft coding, developer and/or administrative skills.

Should I contact a recruiter when looking for Oracle career opportunities?

Oracle Career Opportunities: Career Advice

There are a limited number of Oracle career opportunities listed in the Help Wanted ads, as many companies use a recruiter to find Oracle consultants. Professional recruitment firms have recruitment programs that fill Oracle career opportunities. They have opportunities with many large private sector companies and public sector companies, including the Department of Defense (DoD). Our recruiters are looking for people with extensive Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 experience who are security cleared or have the ability to be cleared.

When you sign up with a recruiter, be sure to put all of your skills on your resume, including jobs that show excellent communication skills. Recruiters will look for jobs specifically for you. If there is a client that requires your skills, a staff member contacts you. Working with a recruiter gives you the benefit of not having to search for a job and waste time on interviews that do not meet your needs or the client's needs.

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