Oracle Job Interview Questions

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What types of questions should I expect in an Oracle interview?

Oracle Job Interview Questions

There are many different types of job interview questions asked by Oracle job interviewers. A few of the common questions and answers relating to SQL follow.

  1. What is the command to see the current user name? show user;
  2. How do you change the SQL prompt name? Set sqlprompt “changed_name >”
  3. How do you display row numbers with records? Use the rownum pseudocolumn with the query: SQL> SQL> select rownum, ename from emp;
  4. What are the explicit cursor attributes? Cursor_name%FOUND, cursor_name%NOTFOUND, cursor_name%ROWCOUNT, cursor_name%ISOPEN
  5. What are the implicit cursor attributes? SQL%FOUND, SQL%NOTFOUND, SQL%ROWCOUNT, SQL%ISOPEN
  6. How to you view installed Oracle version information? Select banner from v$version;
  7. Which date function returns a number value? Months_between
  8. What are the PL/SQL exceptions? Too_many_rows, No_Data_Found, Value_Error, Zero_Error, Others
  9. How do you replace a null value in a query result with text? Set NULL ‘N/A' To reset the SQL prompt, use set NULL
  10. What is the minimum number of triggers that can be applied to a single table? 12



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