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Does B2B Workforce hire SAP trainees?

SAP Trainee Jobs

SAP trainee jobs are available. SAP trainee job recruiters are looking for people with a general grounding in SAP systems. The ideal candidate will have some experience in IT change and release management and will be knowledgeable in specific technical solutions (dependent on module).

An SAP trainee will have a strong analytical background and will be able to communicate verbally and in writing. Close attention to detail and the ability to see the bigger picture are other assets SAP trainee recruiters will be looking for.

SAP trainee jobs may require consultants to have a security clearance, as many public sector jobs require security clearances. SAP trainees who do satisfactory work will have an opportunity to move up in the company to work on other SAP jobs.

Do B2B Workforce recruiters contact just anyone?

SAP Job Placement

In a market with many SAP jobs open, turn to an SAP recruiter for SAP job placement. Some clients require a security clearance. If an SAP recruiter has an SAP job opening with a client that requires a security clearance, the consultant will be required to provide the security clearance.

When a SAP recruiter finds a job opening that suits a consultant, he will contact the consultant to see if the consultant is available for SAP job placement. The consultant, if not already working, will attend an interview to be sure his experience and qualifications meet the needs of our client. You will be matched with clients, so that they are always completely satisfied with the consultants. If a client requires advanced SAP knowledge, recruiters will only place a consultant with the required experience (module dependent) in the job.

I hear PeopleSoft is being phased out in favor of Fusion--will I need to learn new skills?

PeopleSoft Job Market

The client profit and/or earning per share have had an impact on the PeopleSoft job market. Oracle is slated to stop supporting PeopleSoft's and JDE's suites in 2013. Over time, various releases will no longer be supported unless customers upgrade applications periodically. Even in the light of this, Oracle continues to receive high marks for its continued support of JDE applications. Oracle is also putting more emphasis on applications as a core product line. Their Applications Unlimited plan will continue to maintain, enhance and support PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel applications and E-Business Suite.

PeopleSoft recruiters will continue to recruit for consultants with PeopleSoft experience, as many clients using PeopleSoft. There will always be a need for PeopleSoft consultants. If you have PeopleSoft experience, recruiters will be able to find PeopleSoft jobs for you, as many clients continue to use PeopleSoft and many have the Applications Unlimited plan.

What type of positions does a B2B Workforce ERP recruiter recruit for?

ERP Recruitment

Many recruitment companies offer their clients a unique and often exclusive relationship, and they're looking for consultants who have significant experience in their chosen field. This lets clients know they can rely on that recruiter to match them with an experienced consultant that possesses the hard to find skill sets that set up a project for success. There are also opportunities for consultants with extensive experience in module-specific areas.

Often projects cover both the commercial and public sector, and consultants must be comfortable working with both. In the case of work with the public sector, consultants who work in the public sector will need to be cleared or clearable.

ERP recruitment must be done with extreme attention to detail. ERP recruiters should only recruit consultants who can meet clients' standards.

Do SAP HR consultants work directly with clients?

SAP HR Consultant Jobs

If you are searching for SAP HR consultant jobs, consider using a recruitment company for placement. Requirements for these jobs depend on the client and what their needs are. Some clients require that our consultants have a security clearance.

SAP HR consultant jobs may require any or all of the following experience:

  • Must know more than one module/implementation
  • More than five years of experience with SAP (payroll and benefits specifically)
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Perform functional design for new projects
  • Functional design enhancement for existing projects
  • SAP HR
  • The ability to gather and analyze business requirements, document functional/technical requirements
  • Develop and recommend solutions
  • Identify potential process changes
  • Manage internal and/or third party programming and/or development activities
  • Production support for SAP payroll utilizing troubleshooting skills
In addition to technical and functional skills, recruiters look for consultants who have excellent communication skills. Consultants should be able to communicate technical solutions to his team and supervisors. Consultants should also be comfortable with communicating with our clients.

Do recruiters for Oracle Apps just recruit anyone?

Oracle Apps Technical Jobs

When recruiting for Oracle Apps technical jobs, recruiters look for consultants that have deep module-specific experience. In addition to module-specific experience, recruiters look for candidates that have excellent communication skills.

Sometimes jobs will require a security clearance. Recruiters are trained to weed out those who cannot pass a security clearance if the job requires a security clearance.

Recruiters are expected to place a person with the technical experience to complete a job in a timely manner.

Recruiters recruit for certain jobs. If a recruiter does not have a particular job for a technician's skill set, he will not contact that particular recruiter. He will contact a recruiter as soon as a job with that person's skill set becomes available.

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