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What is the best way to start a SAP consultant career?

SAP Consultant Career

Entering into an SAP consultant career can be difficult, but it can be done. There are two ways to enter into an SAP consultant career—work for a company that wants to implement SAP as its enterprise application system or get a job as junior SAP consultant. Once you have your foot in the door, it takes about two years to become comfortable with one particular module. Once you are comfortable with your chosen module you can earn more responsibilities in configuration.

After you move up into a senior consultant position, you can start to learn additional modules. The more modules you learn, the more valuable you are to your employer, especially if you have additional background that matches the modules you choose (accounting, finance, business, marketing, etc). Whether you choose one module or more than one module, once you have at last two to three years of experience, an SAP recruiter has more job options for you.

Do I always have to have experience in SAP to get into a SAP career?

Careers in SAP

There are many different career paths you can take in SAP. The best path to follow is the one in which you have experience. For example, if you have financial experience, you might consider working with the accounting modules of SAP. If you plan a career around your current knowledge, you can move up faster in your chosen company. Recruiters also look for people who may have a little experience in SAP but a lot of experience in the background areas.

SAP careers include accounting, business intelligence, business process management, computer science and IT, entrepreneurial studies, finance, human capital management, marketing and operations/supply chain management. Each area needs consultants, coders, technicians and administrators. If you have SQL experience and a background in accounting, you could easily get your foot in the door at some small SAP companies or at a larger company that uses a recruiter.

If I get into a SAP career, does the path end where I am?

SAP Career Path

When choosing an SAP career path, choose a path that you are most comfortable with. If your background is in marketing, choose a marketing career path in SAP, unless you want to get out of marketing altogether. In today's expert economy, employers are looking for people with additional extensive background experience in fields such as marketing, finance, accounting and business.

With these skills, a recruiter can find an entry-level SAP job so that you can start your SAP career path. Once you are comfortable with and have a few years of experience in one area of SAP, you can move up—you can move up from a coder to an administrator or from an administrator you can move into another technical or functional position. SAP careers are very flexible, and with additional education and on-the-job experience, you can easily move up the SAP career path.

How do I find SAP career opportunities?

SAP Career Opportunities

There are SAP career opportunities advertised in the Help Wanted ads, but the market is very competitive. Using a recruiter to help find an SAP career opportunity is often the better way to find an SAP career opportunity. An SAP recruiter saves a job hunter and the company it works for money, as interviews are not wasted on people who do not match each other's needs. A recruiter has a list of SAP opportunities, including skill requirements. The recruiter will note your skills, background knowledge and the amount of experience you have and contact you when he gets notification that a position has opened with that meets your criteria. You can choose whether to go on the interview or not. You will never go on an interview to learn that the position is too advanced or not advanced enough for your skills.

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