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As an independent ERP consultant, should I take continuing education courses?

ERP Consultants: Sell Yourself

As an independent ERP consultant, you must know how to sell yourself. Organizing your resume in such a way that promotes your skills is one of the best ways to catch a recruiter's eye. Skills should be outlined to show that ERP consultants deliver:

  • High return on investment for a client
  • Performance abilities
  • The ability to streamline business operations
  • The ability to provide built-in customization
  • The ability to create a solution that is easy for the end-user (client) to understand and use
  • The ability to create a smooth implementation of solutions
  • Excellent customer relationship management
  • The ability to keep up with cutting edge technology

When working as an ERP consultant, all of these skills will help a recruiter place you more often with available jobs. In addition to the above, if independent ERP consultants have experience with more than one module or have the background to go with the modules (accounting, finance or marketing degrees), more jobs are available to independent ERP consultants

Do domain specific skills transfer from one jobset to another?

Siebel Business Analyst Jobs

If you are applying for Siebel business analyst jobs, you need hands on experience in general business analysis and domain specific experience. Business analysis skills transfer from one industry to the next. Domain specific skills may or may not be transferable, depending on which industry you are transferring to. Telephone communications skills would not transfer to the financial domain, but accounting skills may be transferable to some financial domains.

These two types of skills should be outlined in your resume. All general business analysis skills should be placed in one section and domain specific skills in another section. If you have experience in more than one domain, give each domain its own section in your resume, so that the particular skills needed for the project are not overlooked by the recruiter. If you have worked with competing software, these domain specific skills may be transferable to the same domain in Siebel.

As a tecnician, are there times where I will be required to work with the functional side?

PeopleSoft Technical Jobs

PeopleSoft technical jobs requires a number of skills, depending on the project. An independent PeopleSoft technician should have at least some of these basic skills:

  • PeopleTools Application Designer
  • Application Engine
  • PeopleCode
  • Workflow
  • Integration Broker
  • Component Interface
  • PS/nVision,
  • PS/Query
  • Datamover
  • Security
  • SQR
  • Crystal Reports
  • Cobol
An independent PeopleSoft technician must also have excellent communication skills and must be able to work as a team player with technical and functional staff. Another skill that is valuable on a PeopleSoft technician's resume is the ability to participate in the planning and execution of the system. The PeopleSoft technician plays a key role in the evaluation of change requests.

When drafting a resume for a specific PeopleSoft technical job, outline your skills in the order of importance for the recruiter or prospective employer, so that the required skills are easy to find on the resume. If you have a security clearance, be sure that information is near the top of the resume.

How to I make myself stand out above all the other applying for the same position?

PeopleSoft Functional Jobs

There are many basic qualifications an independent consultant looking for PeopleSoft functional jobs should have. The more basic qualifications you have, the better chance you have of getting hired. Some of these basic qualifications include:

  • Experience as an implementer
  • Implementation methodology, including hands on expertise in process mapping
  • Analysis skills
  • Functional design skills
  • Specific PeopleSoft applications
  • A background relevant to the specific project you are applying for
  • Designing and testing experience

Because the PeopleSoft functional jobs market has become extremely competitive, independent consultants should make sure their resumes outline all of the basic qualifications of a job. If the resume is being submitted to a recruiter, make sure all basic qualifications covering every job you would like to be considered for are listed. Skills and qualifications should be organized so that the recruiter or prospective employer can easily find the skill she or she is looking for. Organization of your resume also tells the recruiter that you have good communication skills, one of the more important basic skills.

Is background education important when trying to secure an Oracle DBA job?

Oracle DBA Job

Because the Oracle DBA job market is very competitive, you must market yourself in the best way possible for a recruiter to do more than just glance through your resume. One of the big things that gets your resume put into the “save” pile during the first go-through is that you have security clearance. Even if you do not have security clearance, having skills such as Oracle financials, SAP, PeopleSoft, 9i RAC, 9iAS and Unix carries a lot of weight with many recruiters. Development skills such as Java, J2EE and Windows also help an independent contractor secure an Oracle DBA job.

Make sure you have the skills for the job for which you are applying. If, for example, the company or recruiter is looking for someone with data modeling, and that is not on your resume (even if you do have that experience), your resume may be passed over.

If you have a degree, make sure its on your resume, especially if that degree is background for the job you are applying for. A finance degree will go a long way in securing an Oracle DBA finance job.

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