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What kind of salary can I expect as a PeopleSoft administrator?

PeopleSoft Administrator Salary

Average PeopleSoft administrator salaries average about $64,000 per year, dependent on location and experience. The industry in which you will be using your PeopleSoft administrator skills also plays a role in the amount of your yearly salary. The size of the company at which you are applying is also figured in to the average salary around the United States. When looking for PeopleSoft administrator jobs, if salaries are low in your area, you may want to consider moving or finding contract (temporary) jobs that will allow you to temporarily move to an area to complete a job, then move back to your home.

PeopleSoft administrator consultant jobs are available with many different clients, including Alltel and the Department of Defense. Working with a recruiter increases your chance of finding salaries that are competitive with other PeopleSoft salaries around the United States. Usually, PeopleSoft administrator salaries are based on its clients and the contractors' experience in the position.

How are SAP project managers paid?

SAP Project Manager Salary

An SAP project manager's salary can range from approximately $82,000 to upwards of $100,000. SAP project manager salaries can be affected (sometimes dramatically) by the size of the employer, the industry, how much experience an employee or contractor has and the employee's or contractor's credentials. Location also plays a major role in the amount of the yearly salary for SAP project managers. Often one location may pay more for experience with module A and lower for module B, yet another location may pay more for module B rather than module A. Salaries depend on whether there is a need for certain modules in certain locations.

When working with a recruiter, an SAP project manager can be assured that he will be paid a competitive salary based on experience and industry. Project managers also have chances to move up in the company, especially a project manager that can produce new solutions—when needed—for clients.

Is there room for financial improvement in B2B EA positions?

Enterprise Resource Planning Jobs

Consultants in enterprise resource planning jobs know how to leverage thinking inside an organization and integrate innovative ideas with better processes and technologies for excellent performance.

Look for a recruitment company that is a leader within the ERP and CRM marketplace, offering unique solutions and exclusive consultant relationships. This way you can guarantee you'll be working side-by-side with consultants that have extensive experience in SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle, JD Edwards and HIPAA.

The best recruiters specialize in certain technologies and focus on consultants' module-specific knowledge, responding quickly to clients' immediate needs. Resource planning jobs span both commercial and public sector markets and consultant experience spans functional and technical aspects of ERP/CRM.

Does B2B Workforce offer PeopleSoft entry level jobs?

PeopleSoft Entry Level Jobs

PeopleSoft entry level jobs generally consist of data entry or customer service jobs. Workers in PeopleSoft entry level jobs can advance as they become familiar with the modules and how the modules work. A PeopleSoft data entry person with accounts payable or accounts receivable experience may advance into working with the PeopleSoft financial modules.

PeopleSoft entry level job salaries are dependent on which industry you are experienced in, location and the amount of experience you have with a particular module or modules. Many PeopleSoft entry level jobs allow you to move up as you gain more experience and education with the modules. There are many different clients that use all of the different modules of PeopleSoft, allowing someone in an entry level position to move up to a more advanced position as fast as he can learn new solutions.

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