SAP Project Manager Salary

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How are SAP project managers paid?

SAP Project Manager Salary

An SAP project manager's salary can range from approximately $82,000 to upwards of $100,000. SAP project manager salaries can be affected (sometimes dramatically) by the size of the employer, the industry, how much experience an employee or contractor has and the employee's or contractor's credentials. Location also plays a major role in the amount of the yearly salary for SAP project managers. Often one location may pay more for experience with module A and lower for module B, yet another location may pay more for module B rather than module A. Salaries depend on whether there is a need for certain modules in certain locations.

When working with a recruiter, an SAP project manager can be assured that he will be paid a competitive salary based on experience and industry. Project managers also have chances to move up in the company, especially a project manager that can produce new solutions—when needed—for clients.



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