PeopleSoft Administrator Salary

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What kind of salary can I expect as a PeopleSoft administrator?

PeopleSoft Administrator Salary

Average PeopleSoft administrator salaries average about $64,000 per year, dependent on location and experience. The industry in which you will be using your PeopleSoft administrator skills also plays a role in the amount of your yearly salary. The size of the company at which you are applying is also figured in to the average salary around the United States. When looking for PeopleSoft administrator jobs, if salaries are low in your area, you may want to consider moving or finding contract (temporary) jobs that will allow you to temporarily move to an area to complete a job, then move back to your home.

PeopleSoft administrator consultant jobs are available with many different clients, including Alltel and the Department of Defense. Working with a recruiter increases your chance of finding salaries that are competitive with other PeopleSoft salaries around the United States. Usually, PeopleSoft administrator salaries are based on its clients and the contractors' experience in the position.



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