PeopleSoft Functional Jobs

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Is my background important when a recruiter is looking for a top performer for a project?

PeopleSoft Functional Jobs

There are many different PeopleSoft functional jobs, but functional PeopleSoft financial analysts is one of the top jobs that a functional analyst can find. Functional analysts work on teams that focus not only on creating new solutions for clients, but analyzing enhancements and evaluating third-party modules.

A company with top recruiters and top sales personnel recruits top analysts to work on its projects. A top analyst should have some experience in the various PeopleSoft modules used but more importantly, has an extensive background in financials. An extensive background includes schooling (preferably a master's degree) and at least five years of working in finance.

Top analysts will also have extensive soft skills, such as communication skills, and the ability to work on a team. You must have a personality that allows you to get along with co-workers and clients, as at least half of your communications will be with the clients as you go over solutions in the design aspect of their project.



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