Becoming an ERP Consultant

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Should I become an enterprise resource planning consultant?

Becoming an ERP Consultant

Becoming an ERP consultant takes a lot of work—including tough schooling and on-the-job experience. You need to know the fundamentals of ERP, at least the basic concepts of SQL, the basic fundamentals of at least three to four modules of ERP, and Discoverer.

Choose a module to specialize in and learn that module inside and out. When choosing a module to specialize in it is often wise to stick with what you know best. If you are coming into ERP consulting from a previous career as an accountant, for example, you might choose to specialize in the financial modules of an ERP package. Focus is key to positioning yourself as an expert in a particular area of an ERP package, but that is not to say that you should not hone your knowledge of a few additional ERP modules over time. When selecting additional modules to master, you should take several factors into account including: which modules or areas of knowledge will best support your current expertise and which modules are currently experiencing the most demand? By carefully choosing skills to perfect and developing yourself as an ERP consultant, you will position yourself to be presented for the most desirable projects your recruiter has to offer.



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