ERP Consultants: Sell Yourself

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ERP Consultants: Sell Yourself

As an independent ERP consultant, you must know how to sell yourself. Organizing your resume in such a way that promotes your skills is one of the best ways to catch a recruiter's eye. Skills should be outlined to show that ERP consultants deliver:

  • High return on investment for a client
  • Performance abilities
  • The ability to streamline business operations
  • The ability to provide built-in customization
  • The ability to create a solution that is easy for the end-user (client) to understand and use
  • The ability to create a smooth implementation of solutions
  • Excellent customer relationship management
  • The ability to keep up with cutting edge technology

When working as an ERP consultant, all of these skills will help a recruiter place you more often with available jobs. In addition to the above, if independent ERP consultants have experience with more than one module or have the background to go with the modules (accounting, finance or marketing degrees), more jobs are available to independent ERP consultants



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