SAP Career Path

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If I get into a SAP career, does the path end where I am?

SAP Career Path

When choosing an SAP career path, choose a path that you are most comfortable with. If your background is in marketing, choose a marketing career path in SAP, unless you want to get out of marketing altogether. In today's expert economy, employers are looking for people with additional extensive background experience in fields such as marketing, finance, accounting and business.

With these skills, a recruiter can find an entry-level SAP job so that you can start your SAP career path. Once you are comfortable with and have a few years of experience in one area of SAP, you can move up—you can move up from a coder to an administrator or from an administrator you can move into another technical or functional position. SAP careers are very flexible, and with additional education and on-the-job experience, you can easily move up the SAP career path.



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