Help for Oracle Interview Questions

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What type of questions will I be asked at an Oracle interview?

Help for Oracle Interview Questions

Looking for Oracle or SAP job opportunities? When applying for an Oracle position, be prepared to answer various Oracle interview questions regarding the skills needed for the position you are applying for. Many employers will ask programming questions. Always review the code carefully before answering the question. The question will be tricky, in that the syntax looks fine, but if one command is missing, for example a TRIM command, the output may not be exactly as requested.

Other Oracle interview questions will most likely be related to communication skills. You must have excellent communication skills—both oral and written—as you will be communicating with team members, supervisors and clients. You must be able to communicate issues with the project to the client without alienating them. Depending on the Oracle job you are applying for, you may also be required to explain the project to the client and show the client how the new programs work. The client must always feel comfortable with you and the progress of the project.



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