SAP Consultant Resume

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Are refresher courses an important part of a resume?

SAP Consultant Resume

When creating an SAP consultant resume, you need to remember that you are marketing yourself. The job market is very competitive in this area—even when using a recruiter, you need to show people the best of yourself. Use a functional resume instead of a chronological resume, unless your work experience outweighs your skills. If you have a lot of skills to share with a new employer, a functional resume gets to the point faster than a chronological resume.

A functional resume starts out with a profile or a summary. Outline four to six of your top skills in this section. In the next section, outline the rest of your skills, including communication skills and awards you won for certain skills (especially awards for customer service type skills).

The third section should be education. If you took classes after college to learn something new or refresher classes, list those first then list your colleges and degrees. The last section is for your work history. Work history should be listed by company name in the order of the date you worked with that company.



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