Resume for Professional Oracle Programmers

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Is there a preferred way to write a resume for a professional Oracle programmer?

Resume for Professional Oracle Programmers

Professional Oracle programmers need to create a resume that shows attention to detail, good communication skills and good organizational skills. A resume for a professional Oracle programmer will stand out if it does not have mistakes and is well organized. A well-organized resume also shows that the writer has excellent communication skills.

If you have extensive work experience in the field for which you are applying, create a chronological resume. If you have gaps in your work history but have extensive skills, create a functional resume that outlines skills instead of work history. Either type of resume should start with an objective—one or two sentences stating what you would like the outcome of the interview to be. If you have exceptional skills and have won awards, you should write a summary instead of an objective. A summary highlights your most important skills, such as specific experience working with a module and communication skills.



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