Oracle Jobs: Resume Writing Tips – Format and Keywords

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Which resume format should I use for oracle jobs?

Oracle Jobs: Resume Writing Tips – Format and Keywords

The Oracle job market is very competitive. In order to get noticed, while it should obviously show you have the right skills for the job, your resume should also stand out as a prominent marketing piece for your communication and organizational skills. While most people like the chronological resume, looking for an Oracle job requires that you showcase your specialized skills. The functional resume emphasizes skills and achievements instead of work history. Because Oracle jobs are skill-based, a blend of a chronological and functional resume may be the best choice to show your recruiter both when you worked on a given project while still highlighting your skills.

Many people post their resumes on the Internet in job banks visited by recruiters. Be sure to use proper web resume keywords so that your resume is easily found. If you have C++ and Oracle experience, make sure that both terms are in the resume. If you want to work on a specific Oracle module, for example, Finance, that module should be mentioned in your resume. If you want a specific type of Oracle job, such as a developer, the word developer needs to be in your resume—preferably in conjunction with the type of developer: Oracle developer.

Go one step further and work directly with an ERP job recruiter. They have contacts with clients and will be able to get you the most relevant interviews, saving you precious time.



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