Land Your Dream Oracle Job

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Do I need to know more than Oracle for an Oracle contract position?

Land Your Dream Oracle Job

Because Oracle is generally used in conjunction with SQL Server and DB2 in DBMS evaluations, you should also know both of these applications when accepting an Oracle job. Because of this, Oracle's functionality is preferred over other programs. There are several things you should review before interviewing for beginner Oracle contract jobs:

  • Know the terminology
  • Know the product details
  • Make sure you are comfortable with working with the various Oracle modules in your area of specialty
  • Make sure you are able to work with SQL Server and/or DB2
  • Database administration basics
Without knowing Oracle terminology, you may be left behind while the rest of the team speeds ahead. You would have to spend time researching and learning the terminology, wasting precious time when deadlines are involved. Before interviewing, you should know all of the product details for your specialty including, for example, accounting basics if you are going to be working with the financial modules.

Consider using a specialized recruiting firm to help you find the right Oracle contract job for you.



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