SAP Sales Jobs

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What can be expected of me in a SAP Sales job?

SAP Sales Jobs

If you're searching contract work in SAP sales jobs, developing and implementing the Sales and Distribution SAP business system, try teaming up with a recruitment company. You should have experience with SAP configuration and a strong understanding of business processes, practices and solutions.

Skills needed for SAP sales jobs include the following:

  • Working knowledge of project management practices
  • The ability to do hands-on configuration and integration to the Sales and Distribution modules for planning, inventory, logistics and finance
  • Make sure that procedure and work instruction are efficient
  • Work on improvement and implement new practices and processes
  • Establish new measurement systems, if needed
In addition to working with the Sales and Distribution modules, the contractor will have the ability to write extremely detailed functional specifications for outputs and custom functionality and work as a team player. A team player participates in the exchange of verbal and written ideas and has an appropriate business style. He will also work with others to develop new and innovative business applications from SAP's Sales and Distribution modules.



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