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What types of jobs are available for ERP?


An ERP software system is a complex system that handles the distribution, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, invoicing, account and shipping modules for a company. The length of an ERP job depends on the number of modules to be integrated, the extent of customization needed and the size of the business.

An ERP job is not only cross-functional, but enterprise-wide. An ERP expert integrates the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and information technology side of things in addition to accounting, marketing, strategic management and human resources.

ERP jobs comprise of ERP consulting jobs, ERP customization jobs and ERP support jobs. ERP software systems are complex; most companies prefer to hire a third party to implement an ERP software system. Not only is it desirable to hire a third party, but it is often cheaper for the company to pay a third party rather than to design and implement this complex system in-house.

Despite the availability of ERP jobs, it is not always easy to find one that matches your skill set. Partner with an ERP recruiter to better match your skill with a client's needs.



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