ERP Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of experience do I need to apply for an Oracle technical job?

Why do I need a security clearance to work for B2B Workforce?

Does a SAP entry level job leave room for advancement?

Does learning about all of the SAP HR modules help my career?

Does B2B Workplace list companies that are actually looking for contractors?

What type of SAP openings does B2B Workforce provide?

What can be expected of me in a SAP Sales job?

Is there room for financial improvement in B2B EA positions?

What kind of salary can I expect as a PeopleSoft administrator?

Does B2B Workforce offer PeopleSoft entry level jobs?

How are SAP project managers paid?

Does B2B Workforce offer competitive salaries for Oracle developer jobs?

Does a B2B Workforce Oracle developer need additional skills?

I have excellent programming skills--are there other skills I need?

Are communication skills important for contractors working with PeopleSoft?

What type of positions does a B2B Workforce ERP recruiter recruit for?

Do recruiters for Oracle Apps just recruit anyone?

I hear PeopleSoft is being phased out in favor of Fusion--will I need to learn new skills?

Do SAP HR consultants work directly with clients?

Do B2B Workforce recruiters contact just anyone?

Does B2B Workforce hire SAP trainees?

The SAP job market seems to be dry. Will a recruiter be able to find work for me?

Are there general job requirements required for all SAP jobs?

What is one major quality that may impress clients?

Should I get back to a client if I do not know an answer?

Is communication an important part of impressing a client?

Should lines of communication be kept open between project managers and the client?

Will a ERP project manager have to explain technicalities to a client?

How do I prepare for a SAP job opportunity interview?

What type of questions should I expect during a SAP interview?

What types of Oracle DBA questions will I be asked during an interview?

How well should I know the job description for the position I am applying for?

What types of questions should I expect in an Oracle interview?

What types of questions will be asked during a SAP inteview?

Should I contact a recruiter when looking for Oracle career opportunities?

How can I get started in an Oracle DBA career when everyone requires experience?

Do I need internet skills and coding skills as a developer?

Should I use a recruiter to start a PeopleSoft career?

Do I need to include keywords in my resume?

Should I use a chronological or a functional resume?

Is showing communication skills an integral part of resume writing?

Is there a preferred way to write a resume for a professional Oracle programmer?

Are refresher courses an important part of a resume?

Should I use a chronological resume or a functional resume when applying for SAP jobs?

Do I always have to have experience in SAP to get into a SAP career?

How do I find SAP career opportunities?

If I get into a SAP career, does the path end where I am?

What is the best way to start a SAP consultant career?

Should I become an independent ERP consultant?

What do enterprise resource planning consultants do?

I have a background in finance--are there ERP careers that will utilize my background?

What are two things needed to become a successful independent ERP consultant?

Should I use a recruiter to find an ERP software consulting position?

Oracle ERP jobs are often outsourced to other countries--how can I be sure my job will not be outsourced?

As an independent ERP consultant, should I take continuing education courses?

Is background education important when trying to secure an Oracle DBA job?

How to I make myself stand out above all the other applying for the same position?

As a tecnician, are there times where I will be required to work with the functional side?

Do domain specific skills transfer from one jobset to another?

Where is the best place to find top ERP jobs?

As an independent consultant, can I command a top salary?

Will I get better salary offers if I have a degree in accounting?

Does a consultant need soft skills for Oracle warehouse builder jobs?

Is my background important when a recruiter is looking for a top performer for a project?

Are there many job opportunities in SAP?

Which skills will help me find the better Oracle apps job?

Should I work with only recruiters in my area for Oracle career opportunities?

Is working with a recruiter the best way to find an Oracle PL SQL job?

How do I build my skills and experience for more SAP career opportunities?

Will I have more success looking for a SAP data entry job with a recruiter?

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