ERP Jobs: Impressing Clients

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Should I get back to a client if I do not know an answer?

ERP Jobs: Impressing Clients

Impressing clients with any ERP job can be a matter of showing professionalism and confidence in your skills. Professionalism includes dressing for success and presenting yourself in a charismatic, confident manner. If you don't know an answer to a question, tell the client that you will get back to him with an answer—do not try to pass off a fluff response because you may be wrong.

Showing confidence when asked to do something different or new can also impress clients; this shows that you are not hesitant to try to figure out a solution to an issue the client may have with his or her software package. When you are able to figure out a solution for a particularly complex issue, you not only show a client your experience, but you show the client that you care for and enjoy your job.



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